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cheddar karting track


For 1 or more drivers**

10 minutes – £14 per driver

20 minutes – £25 per driver

30 minutes – £35 per driver   

 Average time most people spend on track is 20 – 30minutes

 Lap time and performance printouts at the end of each session

Deposit required: £10 per driver, which will be deducted from the full amount.


For groups of between 5 – 10 drivers**

10 min of Qualifying followed by a 30, 40 or 50 lap race, which starts from the Grid.

 Trophy for the race winner

 Time and performance printouts for every driver

SuperSprint 30 (10mins Qualifying followed by a 30 lap race) = £35 per driver

SuperSprint 40 (10mins Qualifying followed by a 40 lap race) = £45 per driver

SuperSprint 50 (10mins Qualifying followed by a 50 lap race) = £50 per driver

        Deposit required: £10 per driver

cheddar track karts grid race


For groups of 11 drivers or more**
(10 minimum at Cheddar Indoor Track)

Minimum of 10/11 drivers, maximum of approximately 30.
Individual event, each driver against one another.

 Each Grand Prix will have a presentation after the final
and the Top 3 places in the Final will win a trophy.

6 lap practice (Everyone)
5 heats of 4 laps (Everyone)
5 lap quarter final (Everyone)
6 lap semi final (Top 10)
8 lap final (Top 5)

6 lap practice (Everyone)
5 heats of 5 laps (Everyone)
8 lap quarter final (Everyone)
10 lap semi final (Top 10)
12 lap final (Top 6)

6 lap practice (Everyone)
5 heats of 8 laps (Everyone)
12 lap quarter final (Everyone)
15 lap semi final (Top 12)
20 lap final (Top 6)

 Typical Grand Prix durations:
Standard Grand Prix for 14 people = 1hr 45mins
Super Grand Prix for 14 people = 2hrs 15mins
Ultimate Grand Prix for 14 people = 2hrs 45mins

Deposit required: £10 per driver,  which will be taken off the full amount.


For between 5 and 8 teams**
• Only currently at Cheddar Indoor Track

Team based event for between 5 and 8 teams.
Minimum of 1 driver per team.

 Standard durations of 1 or 2 hours, but can be tailored to your requirements
 All members of the winning team will each receive a trophy

1 Hour Endurance – £80 per Team
2 Hour Endurance – £140 per Team
Each extra hour – £70 per Team

Deposit required: £20 per team

Karting and Shooting advert


For 6 - 10 drivers**

Why not book a package, which includes Karting, Clay Pigeon Shooting and some lunch.

For groups of 6 -10 drivers, at least 16 years of age.

SuperSprint 30 & 25 Clays & Lunch (at MSG) – £75 per person

SuperSprint 50 & 50 Clays & Lunch (at MSG) – £115 per person   

 Trophy for the race winner

 Lap time and performance printouts for every driver

Deposit required: £10 per person, which will be deducted from the full amount, payable at time of booking. Full payment then required before any activity starts, please see detailed terms & conditions.

• Karting  is held at  South West Karting Cheddar, BS27 3RP

• Shooting  is held at  Mendip Shooting Ground, BA5 3EH


Balaclavas are compulsory for every driver, unless own helmet is provided. These can be  purchased at the track for £2.00 each or you can bring your own.

*If any of the above don’t suit your needs, we can tailor an event that will.

**Karting Sessions minimum age/height = 7yrs/120cm, all other events minimum age/height = 16yrs/5ft.
For all events excluding Karting Sessions, the track is exclusively used for the drivers in that event for its full duration.

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