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Some of our most frequently asked questions, but if you need any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

Are you an Indoor or Outdoor Circuit?

Our track is fully Outdoor, except from the reception, changing/briefing room and an undercover waiting area.

Do you still operate in the rain?

The simple answer, yes. The Karts are left on slick tyres all the time, so drivers do need to drive to the conditions, but if the rain is torrential, or the track suffers from flooding, we stop running on the grounds of safety. If this is likely to affect any bookings, we will notify 24hrs in advance of any cancellations or potential delays.

How long will I be there for?

This all depends on how much track time you have booked. Typically, for 30 minutes of Karting, you can expect to be here for around 1hour. A SuperSprint 30, is around 45 minutes, and a standard Grand Prix based on 11 drivers is around 1 hour 30mins.

For more detailed event lengths, please call 01963 400591.

What do I have to bring?

Comfortable clothing and shoes, no open toe shoes like flip-flops or sandals. We provide overalls (waterproof overalls if raining) which will cover your clothes anyway. Scarves aren’t allowed to be worn whilst Karting, but can be left in the changing room. If the weather is really wet, a spare change of clothes is advisable, as our waterproof overalls do a very good of keeping most of the water out, but are not 100% water tight!

Can I bring my own helmet or balaclava?

Yes, as long as the helmet conforms to British Standard BS6658:1985 and carry the BSI Kitemark, which is standard for motorcycle helmets. Motocross helmets can be worn, as long as they also conform to the above, and must be worn with googles.

Your own balaclavas can be provided if you have them.

Can spectators watch?

Yes, there are quite a few viewing points around the track.

What happens if less people want to race than I have booked for?

If, for instance, you book for 15 drivers and only 10 drivers turn up, we will still charge you in full for the 15 drivers that you have booked, unless we are notified of any changes at least 7 days prior to the booking date. We have allowed enough time in the diary for your larger group, and have now lost vital booking time if less drivers turn up. This is clearly stated in your booking confirmation when a booking is made.

What is the most amount of Karts allowed on the track at once?

If all adults, 10 Karts are the maximum on track. If younger children, we tend to keep the groups smaller but can have 7/8 children on track together depending on driving ability.

Can Adults and Children go on track together?

Potentially, yes. Depending on group sizes, as we wouldn’t usually mix groups of adults with groups of children, unless they are all in the same family group. At peak times, there is a chance that children will go on with other adults, but we aim to get groups of similar ability drivers together.

If looking for Children to go on track on their own, we would advise our Cadet and Junior Sunday mornings for the individuals, or booking a Kids Party for groups of 5 or more.

Do you offer any refreshments at the track?

We have a small selection of cold drinks available at the Karting Reception, but a larger range of hot & cold food and drinks are available from Cafe 750 at the Haynes Motor Museum, right next door.

Is there a maximum height/weight limit to drive the Karts?

18 stone / 114kg is the maximum permitted driver weight. This is for safety of all drivers on track, not just the individual. We don’t have an official maximum height, but as the seats are non movable, anyone that is taller than 6’4″ / 6’5″ may by uncomfortable and is advisable to visit the track for a test fit before your event.

How long before my booking should I arrive?

At least 15 minutes prior to your event booking time. This allows us to get every driver signed in, fully kitted and safety briefed before starting on track. The time slot you book, is your on track start time.

If drivers are late, and we have a fully booked day, there may be a chance that we can’t get you on track as our bookings are usually back-to-back. No refunds can be issued for late arrivals.

If I have a medical condition/disability, can I still Race?

We do have twin seater Karts available for passengers if your disability or medical condition limits you from being able to safely control a Kart. Twin seater Karts can not participate in any race events, only the standard Karting Sessions. It is advisable to call before your visit to discuss with a member of the team.

Can I wear a GoPro/Action Camera?

Although we advise against it, action cameras can be worn on a helmet, as long as securely attached but any other fitments i.e chest mount, wrist strap etc. aren’t allowed.

Does the Karting include entry or discount to Haynes Motor Museum?

Currently, no. But hopefully in the future, this is something we can offer.

Is there a car park?

Yes, we share the car park with Haynes Motor Museum, and there is ample parking for all vehicle sizes. If the front car park is full, please use the overflow car park at the rear of the museum.

Are pets allowed on site?

Yes they are, but we advise a short lead for dogs and to be kept on the lead and under control at all times.

Is your track accessible for disabled visitors?

Yes, everywhere except the changing room, as this has a small step to get into.

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