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BIZ Evo 2 Adult Karts

200cc 4 stroke Karts for anyone aged 12yrs & over, and at least 5ft/1.52m tall.

These Karts are geared for around 35-40mph top speed on our circuit, and are the Karts that all of our adult events and Karting sessions use.  

They have the same speed controls as the Cadet Karts, and can be remotely slowed down if required, but are normally run fully unrestricted.

Prices from £14.00 per driver

BIZ Evo Cadet Karts

120cc 4 stroke Karts for drivers aged 8yrs & over, and at least 4ft/1.20m tall.

Our BIZ Cadet Karts, small but mighty! Smaller engines, but lighter than the Adult Karts so they can be just as fast!

These Karts are for the younger children, from 8 years and up, and at least 1.2m tall. They all have DeHaardt Shutdown units fitted, meaning we can remotely restrict speed on the Karts until the drivers are fully competent with their driving.

Fully unrestricted, these Karts set similar lap times to the adult Karts!

Prices from £14.00 per driver

BIZ Twin Seater Karts

270cc 4 Stroke Side-by-Side Twin Seater Karts

With our choice of Twin Seater Karts, we have something for you!

Our two Side-by-Side BIZ ‘Dual Drive’ Karts are suitable for any driver 18 years & up, with passengers as young as 6 years old. Great for getting the younger children or anyone without the ability to drive, to be able to still be involved.

Prices from £15.00 per Kart
270cc 4 Stroke Tandem Twin Seater Kart

The Tandem Twin seater Kart is meant for the thrillseeking passengers! Driven by one of our members of staff, for those passengers that want to experience lap record breaking times!

With it’s super sticky, Mojo racing slicks, be prepared to hold on tight!

Prices from £18.00 per passenger
Biz twin
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