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cheddar karting track


For 1 or more drivers

10 minutes – £14 per driver

20 minutes – £25 per driver

30 minutes – £35 per driver   

 Average time most people spend on track is 20 – 30minutes

 Lap time and performance printouts at the end of each session

Deposit required: £10 per driver, which will be deducted from the full amount.


For groups of between 5 – 10 drivers

10 min of Qualifying followed by a 30, 40 or 50 lap race, which starts from the Grid.

 Trophy for the race winner

 Time and performance printouts for every driver

SuperSprint 30 (10mins Qualifying followed by a 30 lap race) = £35 per driver

SuperSprint 40 (10mins Qualifying followed by a 40 lap race) = £45 per driver

SuperSprint 50 (10mins Qualifying followed by a 50 lap race) = £50 per driver

        Deposit required: £10 per driver

cheddar track karts grid race


For groups of 10 drivers or more

Minimum of 10 drivers, maximum of approximately 30.
Individual event, each driver against one another.

 Each Grand Prix will have a presentation after the final
and the Top 3 places in the Final will win a trophy.

6 lap practice (Everyone)
5 heats of 4 laps (Everyone)
5 lap quarter final (Everyone)
6 lap semi final (Top 10)
8 lap final (Top 5)

6 lap practice (Everyone)
5 heats of 5 laps (Everyone)
8 lap quarter final (Everyone)
10 lap semi final (Top 10)
12 lap final (Top 6)

6 lap practice (Everyone)
5 heats of 8 laps (Everyone)
12 lap quarter final (Everyone)
15 lap semi final (Top 12)
20 lap final (Top 6)

 Typical Grand Prix durations:
Standard Grand Prix for 14 people = 1hr 45mins
Super Grand Prix for 14 people = 2hrs 15mins
Ultimate Grand Prix for 14 people = 2hrs 45mins

Deposit required: £10 per driver,  which will be taken off the full amount.


For between 5 and 8 teams

Team based event for between 5 and 8 teams.
Minimum of 1 driver per team.

 Standard durations of 1 or 2 hours, but can be tailored to your requirements
 All members of the winning team will each receive a trophy

1 Hour Endurance – £80 per Team
2 Hour Endurance – £140 per Team
Each extra hour – £70 per Team

Deposit required: £20 per team



As of August 1st 2017, all drivers wishing to use one of our helmets will be required to wear a compulsory balaclava. These can be provided by yourselves or can be purchased at the track for £2.00 each.

*If any of the above don’t suit your needs, we can tailor an event that will.

**For all events other than Arrive & Drive, all drivers must be over the age of 16years and at least 5ft tall.
Track is exclusively used for the drivers in that event for its full duration.

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